Jose Luis Solache For State Senate 2019 

Official Press Release


I’ve spent my entire life in public service, as a school board member and a mayor. I know what it takes to work with other people in order to make decisions that benefit the people we represent. 

We have some huge issues to face----creating more middle-class jobs, improving education, expanding public safety and lifting more families out of poverty. These are our issues of the day---and I look forward to working with Governor Newsom and others to address these issues.

When I talk with our residents, they tell me what’s bothering them---how can we increase economic security for more Californians and how can I make sure my children will do better in the future----and I’m running with an eye to the future

“We don’t just need more jobs—we need more good paying jobs that advance economic growth, ensure environmental quality, and provide opportunity for all.”

Democrats have always been about the working person---and I’m ready to work with my friends in business and in labor to improve conditions so those jobs can expand.

I endorse Governor Newsom’s budget for two reasons:

  1. It pays down debt and puts still more money in reserve. We are going to have another recession, and this is the best prevention against having to cut the services that have been restored over the last six years.

  2. It invests in lifting people out of poverty. For instance he more than doubles the Earned Income Tax Credit which helps struggling families---and increases spending in early education—which we know is a great indicator of a child’s future success in school and in life.

I heartily and enthusiastically endorse Speaker Rendon’s LA River Revitalization effort. Our part of LA County has too long been ignored and I am excited to work with the Speaker and others to make the River a community resource for parks and green space and economic development, so our families can recreate in a healthy environment.

For my entire public life, I have aggressively promoted transparency and public participation in local government.

“I believe---very strongly—that the people are the “boss” and that elected officials need to understand what the people want and need in order to represent them in the right way.”

We are seeing improvements in the relationship between state and local governments—but there’s still much to do. As a former School Board Chair and a city Mayor I can help improve the relationship between the state and local governments which can only benefit our residents.

Like you, I’m upset at what I’m seeing from Washington. A dysfunctional government led by an incompetent President and a pliant U.S. Senate has caused 800,000 hard-working government workers to be forced out of work. This doesn’t happen in California---it shouldn’t be happening at all.”